Why Wood Paneling Has Remained One Of The Top Choices For Homeowning Renovating Projects


Wood accent wall in kitchen

Interior design is a great way to express yourself in the day-to-day.

How often do you learn about someone just by walking through their kitchen or washing your hands in their bathroom? Even a minor change in the couch pillows or simple lamp addition on the nearby bookshelf can completely transform a space and bring out its best look. When picking up a little interior design to spice up your life it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the amazing possibilities out there. The colors! The styles! So many homeowners get wrapped up in this first step they completely neglect to make the plunge. Instead of becoming yet another dreamer with a million projects on the backburner look below and see what you can gain from a wood accent wall in kitchen or kitchen plank accent wall.

Did You Know?

Don’t start drawing up your interior design drafts quite yet! There are some neat facts about wood products you should know about to keep your projects looking good. Maple wood planks come in two simple forms, hard and soft, and are rather popular for their bright coloration. You can also look into different colors to compliment your set-up, such as oak, cherry or mahogany. Brown is a fantastic neutral that can be paired nicely with a classical layout, a modern layout or something just a touch more quirky.

Wood Is Rustic And Charming

Why should you go straight for the wood accent wall in bedroom instead of a smooth metal finish or some imitation plastic? That’s because there’s a charm to wood that can’t be found anywhere else. Wood has been used for many hundreds of years and enjoyed steady popularity for its natural durability and beautiful results. As of today there are over 20 different species of maple growing throughout Canada and the United States. Oak’s hardness, in particular, can be up to 1,300 pounds on the Janka hardness rating scale.

Being Eco-Friendly Means Thinking Eco-Friendly

If you’re wanting to be more eco-friendly this year, starting off with a wood accent wall in kitchen isn’t too shabby. The interior design industry is said to generate over $10 billion in annual revenue, meaning your dollar has the potential to be extremely influential in ways you couldn’t possibly imagine. With deforestation becoming a very real concern, reaching out to companies that use their wood products intelligently can be a great way of setting a trend.

It’s Not As Hard To Maintain As It Looks

You might be wondering about mold, cracks or breakage. Never fear! Trees are hardy by nature and your plank wood wall is no different. Keeping your wall or floor from showing signs of age is as simple as turning to some eco-friendly varnish companies and choosing their best products to protect against the elements. This is especially prudent for homeowners who have a very active household, have children or own pets. From scratches to protecting against spills, a little initiative can make sure your wood plank wall paneling remains safe from harm. But now for the most prudent part of the list…

The Basic Principles Of Interior Design

Now that you’ve become acquainted with all the positives a wood accent wall in kitchen or bedroom can offer you, it’s time to touch on the basic principles of interior design. While it’s certainly true people will study interior design for years to become skillful, it’s possible to start off with what not to do. Rule number one is to avoid unnecessary clutter — interior design thrives on a ‘less is more’ approach and anything more excessive should be put off until you feel comfortable moving objects around in a space. Repetition of one or more elements is also a good way to connect your furniture together, with odd numbers considered more pleasing than even ones.

You won’t become a master overnight…but a tree also doesn’t grow tall overnight. What could your home look like with a wood accent wall in kitchen this year?

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