Thinking About Building a Fence 6 Benefits Fences Bring to your Home


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There are many reasons a homeowner chooses to build a fence. Some wonder how much it will increase their home’s value while others have a specific reason when building a fence. Wood and vinyl are popular choices when it comes to fencing materials. There are two types of vinyl fencing normally used and these include Virgin Vinyl and Recycled Vinyl. No matter your reasons for building a fence there are many benefits that are obvious and some that may not be quite as obvious. Read below to see the benefits.


Obviously fences were designed to keep animals corralled. Fences do just that. Whether a dog is part of the family now or a soon to be addition, a fence will be beneficial. This is also a help when it comes to walking dogs. A fence allows homeowners to allow the dog to go outback to use the bathroom. This is especially helpful when inclement weather makes it hard to take the dog for a walk.


Along the same lines as a dog, traditional families these days have kids. If they don’t have kids yet usually kids will be in the future. A fence that is already installed appeals to these types of people. Those who’s children are already grown and moved on will still benefit from a fenced yard when their grandchildren come to visit.


This will depend on the type of material you choose when building a fence. Privacy is something many people want, and it seems that nowadays homes are built so close together that is the only way to get it. Certain types of fencing especially those which provide privacy are highly sought after. This allows private functions to go on in the back yard without all the neighbors knowing about it.


Depending on the type of yard fencing that is used, privacy is another benefit of building a fence. Privacy not just when your in your back yard, but privacy of your house as well. It is harder for people to see inside your house, which helps to make your valuables safer. Fences also help hide the things that are in the back yard. This can help to make your valuables you leave outside safer. Things such as furniture and grills will have less of a chance of getting stolen.

Curb Appeal

Although most privacy fences are installed in the back yards, they are usually visible from the road. This helps enhance the curb appeal for your house. Mostly everyone knows that a good curb appeal goes hand in hand with in increasing the value of your home, therefore building a fence could help increase the value of your home.

Preserve Landscaping

Fences help to preserve landscaping in your yard. Animals tend to wander in the dark and they usually do not tend to stay within property lines. This means you could very well end up with animal feces in your yard and also your grass, flower beds and possible trees torn up. Building a fence helps control the unwanted animal population in the back yard.

Don’t forget the benefits of building a fence around a pool area. This can easily be the difference between life and death of a child. A four sided fence surrounding a pool reduces a child’s drowning risk by as much as 83% compared with a 3 sided fence. In order for these fences to be successful they must completely separate the pool from the house and should be at least four feet high.

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