Tips for Keeping Your Washing Machine Healthy and Happy


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We all depend on our appliances to make our lives a lot easier. It certainly is a lot easier to use a washing machine than to take our clothes out to the river to wash them on a rock. The problem is that sometimes our appliances do break down. When they do, it can mean we need to have costly repairs done. The typical cost to repair one of our beloved appliances ranged anywhere from $254 to $275 back in 2014. These costs have only gone up. It has been estimated that washing machines will last for 10 years. To make sure you do not need washing machine repairs done before then, you can take the following steps:

  1. Keep an eye on your water hoses. You should make it a point to spend some time going over your water hoses. This one of the primary reasons people need to have washing machine repairs done. These should not have any areas that are cracked, frayed, bulging or leaking. It is a lot less expensive to replace a hose than to get a new washing machine. If you have a proactive maintenance plan, you can have your hoses replaced, even without signs of wear and tear, every three or five years.
  2. Give your machine some space. You should make sure you have four inches, at a minimum, between your washing machine and the wall. This can give your hoses the space they need to not become kinked.
  3. Level out the machine. When you have a machine that is not level, a lot of bad things can happen that will cause the need for washing machine repairs. In the first place, they can start rocking. They can also start to move across your room. That can do damage to the machine and to your floor. Make your life easier by keeping it level.
  4. Watch the lint filter. You probably know to change the one in your dryer to prevent yourself from needing dryer repairs to be done but you also have one on your washing machine. The exact location of this differs from machine to machine but if you pay attention to it, you can find it by consulting the manual that came with the machine, your machine will operate better.
  5. Keep your washing machine clean. If you want your clothes to come out clean, you need to make sure you are putting them in a clean washing machine. Makes sense, right? Between your washing loads of clothing, take some vinegar, baking soda and run through on “hot.” This may not keep you from needing washing machine repairs in the future but your clothes will not come out musty and icky when you want them to be clean.
  6. Keep it open. People often make the mistake of closing their machine when they are done but that is a mistake. You should give it some time open to air it out. This will also keep it from getting musty.
  7. Do not try to do loads that are too big for the machine. You may think that you are helping yourself out and saving some time but you really will spend more time rewashing all of the clothing that did not get clean the first time around. You can refer to the manual that came with the machine. You also add wear and tear on the machine when you fill it too full.
  8. Use the right amount of detergent. Unless you use the pods that come with the set amount of detergent, you will have to measure it yourself. Take the manual that came with the machine to determine what the right amount is. Some people think it is better to use more detergent but if you put too much in, you will get residue on the washing machine. You can also look into detergent that specially made to produce fewer suds.

Most people do not give a lot of thought to the appliances upon which we rely until something goes wrong. We may use our oven every day but it is only when it breaks down that we really think about it. If we pay attention to our washing machine, it will last longer.

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