All About Gravel, Stone, and Rocks For Landscaping


What is washed gravel

Are you interested in gravel and stone? Have you ever wondered what drainage gravel is, or what types of landscaping rocks there are? What makes gravel washed? Read on to learn more about gravel, rocks, and other stones for landscaping use.

  1. Consider pea gravel for inexpensive projects. Pea gravel is so named for its size, although in reality it comes in a couple different sizes. Pea gravel gets used frequently on pathways, but also as filling in between flagstone. It?s easy to find and usually comes in brown and white color mixes. It can migrate pretty easily, though, as you?ll find when you try to mow the lawn anywhere near it.
  2. River rock can be used for drainage or faux creek beds. River rock is a popular type of drainage gravel, but also looks nice if you want to make a dry creek bed. It?s larger than pea gravel and is usually sold by the pound or by the ton. It?s hard to weed around this type fo rock, but it?s easy to find and has many different colors and a lovely natural look.
  3. What makes gravel washed? A good washing. What makes gravel washed? It has to be cleaned thoroughly and run through screens to make sure that there is no dust or dirt left over in the gravel. Washed gravel and crushed stone are used very widely in construction and home landscaping because of its nice look and excellent drainage qualities. It also serves as an excellent base for sidewalks and patios.
  4. Find some decomposed granite to use for a rustic look. Decomposed granite has a lovely weathered look and comes in very small pieces. It?s great for patios and for putting around the base of planted greens. It?s quite inexpensive and easy to find, but do bear in mind that it will track in on the bottom of your shoes.
  5. Choose limestone for flooring and walking paths. Limestone has long been popular for landscaping and building projects. Some of the finest looking buildings have been made with limestone. It has a great lot for flooring and paths, but just be careful to get Type III limestone, which has lower absorption and higher wear resistance than other types.

Some landscaping can increase the value of a home by as much as 14%. A 2017 House Landscaping Trends study says that nearly 40% of homeowners are planning to find uses for river rock, gravel, and crushed stone in the near future. Why not lookin into services near you the can provide landscaping rocks and see how you can improve your home?s value and curb appeal.

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