Eco-Friendly, Beautiful And Modern Why You Should Swap Out Your Old Shutters For Pleaded Shades


Renovating your home should be more than just shifting some furniture around. It should be a way of enhancing your life from top-to-bottom.

This means looking at home renovation additions that are eco-friendly, beautiful and long-lasting all at once. Where’s a good place to start, particularly if you haven’t updated your surroundings in a while? Try out pleaded shades for your bedroom and living room. Soft and lovely, these shutters are a much more modern way of keeping excess light and heat out of your home. They can save you money while giving your given space some much-needed pop. Sound too good to be true?

Let’s take a look at what pleaded shades can do for your home and why they’ve become the go-to option for today’s windows.

Save Money On Your Energy Bill

What’s one thing all homeowners and renters can relate to irregardless of lifestyle? Frustrating energy bills. These always seem to get higher and higher without you realizing, culminating in dread that you have no choice but to look forward to every month. When you add pleaded shades you can finally take a much-needed bite out of that figure. Draperies are able to reduce heat loss from a room by up to 10% thanks to their unique design.

Protect Your Furniture From The Light

Do you worry about your leather furniture or carpet fading from constant light exposure? Cellular shades can give you some much-needed peace-of-mind on top of a reduced energy bill, as they’re designed to block light in more ways than one. Roller shade fabric with a 5% rating, for starters, will allow just 5% of light in, blocking the other 95% with ease. Blackout shades are even more strict, blocking out all light. This is ideal for storage rooms or your bedroom when you could use a proper midday nap.

Have Drapes That Last For Years

When you renovate your home you want your new additions to last a long time. You have enough on your plate as it is, after all. Your typical shutters can last up to 20 years with minimal upkeep. This means light dusting and storing properly when you have to put them away for any reason. Recent studies have found anywhere from 150 million to 225 million interior residential window coverings are shipped every year in the United States. As you can already see, composite shutters are leading the pack.

Choose From Many Beautiful Designs

No part of your home has to fall behind as you edit and fuss your way to a design that speaks to you. Most homeowners choose to replace their window treatments every seven to eight years or so, which is just enough time to catch up to trends or try some new ones on for size. Pleaded shades come in a variety of different colors, from traditional beige to more unique lavenders and blues, and can fit easily into just about any set-up.

Tips For Setting Up Your Pleaded Shades

Now for a little review. Roller shades and pleaded shades are a great way to change up your home’s style while staying eco-friendly, allowing you to save money on your energy bill even as you set your sights on the next great design. Because they are a little more involving than your average set of shades, though, they do need to have a few factors taken into consideration when designing. A good rule-of-thumb to follow when installing your shades is to add two to three inches to the overall width of the shade to make room for mounting hardware. For a clean and casual look, let the drapes just barely brush the floor. For more dramatic effects? Hang the drapes to puddle fabric on the ground in luxurious folds.

Window treatments are a great option for homeowners eager to refurbish their home while getting a little something extra out of the deal. Give pleaded shades a try next time you’re low on ideas.

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