How Lighting Can Increase Your Home’s Value


When valuing a home, realtors analyze all aspects of design, including square footage, furnishings, safety features, plumbing, and energy costs. While the features inside the home are crucial, the features outside also act as important indicators of value. Features like exterior lighting design, deck construction and deck lights, landscape design and landscape lighting design are necessary factors in developing a complete evaluation. Savvy consumers may notice that in the evaluation of a home’s worth, outdoor lighting and lighting design play significant roles in raising value, and whether it’s attached to the house in the form of residential lighting or placed on the property in the form of landscape lighting, the presence of these lights can increase the home’s resale value if properly implemented.

Approximately 90% of realtors advise having work done to the outdoor design of a home before selling the house, as the external value is immediately noticeable and appreciated by potential buyers. In fact, a well-done outdoor redesign can raise your home’s value by 14%. While a landscape design company can rearrange the more natural aspects of the house’s exterior design, it may be beneficial to call a lighting design company or lighting designer. Here are two landscape lighting tips worth considering for raising the value of your home with small installations.

Landscape Lighting Tips #1: Lighting for Safety Purposes

A valuable aspect of outdoor landscape lighting is the way it brightens up certain parts of the property, keeping potentially dangerous hills, divots, stonework, and pieces of outdoor furniture out of the dark. More than half of American homeowners spend up to five to six hours a week in their backyards, often times seeing the transition between afternoon and night. When darkness falls, it is important (and desirable) to have reliable lighting to safely lead back to the house. Pathway lights, patio lighting, flood lights, well lights, and step lights are all types of architectural lighting that function with greater efficiency and are far more safe than simple moonlighting. If a home has man-made pond anywhere in the yard, pond lights are essential for preventing accidental falls into the pond, mitigating the risk of injury or damage.

Landscape Lighting Tips #2: Lighting for Aesthetic Purposes

“Aesthetic” is a Greek word for “feeling beauty of design,” and aside from safety, sometimes landscape lighting design helps bring about that feeling. Architectural features like flagpoles, ponds, gates, and other such assets should be highlighted against the darkness, and intuitive residential lighting is the perfect way to accentuate these features. Outdoor lights like well lights might be helpful in this endeavor, as they are subtle light fixtures that are buried in the ground that beam light at any object they are pointed at. Spotlight lighting, as well, can make a certain asset of the residence shine, giving it particular attention and importance.

Given these landscape lighting tips to consider, some small but crucial adjustments can be made through a lighting design company or simply a lighting designer to raise the value of the home, while also increasing the quality of life via increased safety and aesthetic values.

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