How to Properly Utilize Root Starters


If you want plants to grow well, you’ll want to consider using root starter. These types of products have several different names, you might have heard them called root growth stimulators. Root starters contain ingredients including fertilizers and vitamins made to help plants remain properly nourished. That being said, it’s important to know how and when to use this product. With that in mind, here are the steps needed to properly use root starters.

Preparing Your Root Starter

The first step is to prepare your plant root stimulator mixture. You can do this by pouring out a small amount of root start into a container. It’s important to note that this container will obviously get quite dirty. It’s important to thoroughly read the instructions of the root starter product you’re using. For instance, certain root starter might need water while others might require the use of isopropyl alcohol. A general rule of thumb is to mix three tablespoons of root enhancer for every one gallon of water you’re using.

Pouring Root Starter on Plants

The next step is to pour the mixture around the soil where you will be placing your plants. If you already have plants in the ground, make sure that this mixture only touches the soil. It’s understandable to wonder exactly how much solution to use. Plants that will grow under one foot can be properly treated with a pint of solution. For taller plants, you’ll want to use about three pints of your mixture.

Utilizing Proper Continual Plant Care

After you’ve applied your solution, it’s important to reapply this mixture. In turn, your plants will continue to receive the proper mixture of vitamins and fertilizers. These fertilizers help plants grow by providing nutrients while enhancing the effectiveness of nearby soil. Without continual applications, your plants will have no nutrients to continually consume. Therefore, it’s generally recommended that you apply root starter once a week for the first six months of a plants life.

To summarize, it’s important to understand how to use root starters. These products contain beneficial ingredients including IBA which has been used for over 70 years. One study found that IBA and vitamin B1 used together has been shown to stimulate root development and increases growth by 30% for most plant species. You’ll find that root starters help many gardeners grow vibrant and full plants.

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