Why Do I Need to Have My Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Checked?


As many as two-thirds of all U.S. homes have an air conditioning unit. This means that a reliable air conditioning company is a must for most households. While air conditioning units are a great appliance to have, they do require some regular maintenance to operate at their best. But too many homeowners are unaware what their air conditioning needs are, or why they should even be aware of them. Here’s a quick guide on what the average air conditioning unit requires.

How to Be Responsible When It Comes to Your AC Unit.

Any intricate machine must be properly maintained. When it comes to an AC unit, the comfort of your family depends on it. Find a local, reliable air conditioning company who can put yours on a schedule. Doing so ensures the unit is taken care of with little mental effort on your part.

How Often Does an Air Conditioning Unit Need to Be Maintenanced?

The average air conditioning unit only needs to have maintenance performed twice a year. It is preferable for the maintenance to be done before the unit will be used heavily, as it typically is during the summer and winter months. In this example, the unit would have a maintenance check performed in the spring and fall. This might not be the correct timeline for all climates however.

How Can a Regular Maintenance Schedule Keep Your Utility Costs Down?

Consistent maintenance has the goal of preventing small issues from becoming big issues. However, even small issues can create a noticeable mark on a home’s utility bill. For example, about 25% of a home’s heat loss will occur not from big problems, but from small leaks.

In some cases, homeowners need to double check that the unit was installed correctly. An improperly installed AC unit could add 30% more energy usage to a utility bill due to inefficiency. A reliable air conditioning company will check the perimeter of an AC unit during regularly scheduled maintenance.

Our air conditioning units are one of the great comforts of modern living. To keep our homes cool in the summer heat, and cozy in the winter’s chill, it is imperative that we take responsibility for our units. This means scheduling regular maintenance checks with a reliable company.

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