Why Light Induction Should Be Your Fight Choice of Lights


Induction light is the latest alternative lighting technology that is affordable, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Induction lighting products have become popular for home and commercial users. Induction light products are quickly becoming the fluorescent tube replacement and perfect for garage lighting, induction parking lights, ceiling and street light, among other areas.

The reasons for this trend are the obvious advantages of light induction over the traditional LED lighting systems. Explained below are some of the benefits you get from them.

Long Life
Most induction lamps give you up to 100,000 hrs when used 24/7 in ordinary lighting situations, for instance, in a factory. LED high bay lights, on the other hand, will give you a maximum of 50,000 hours which is only half the lifespan of induction lights.

Perfectly Bright and Flicker-Free light
Today, most available Induction lights for sale operate at a very high frequency of up to 2.65 MHz. They do not flicker therefore reducing eye strain on the users. This, in turn, improves worker safety and productivity in your business.

Substantially Low Maintenance Cost
Induction light products are almost maintenance free with an energy saving of up to 35% to 70%. This is an excellent reduction to your total energy cost in the long run. High Power LED lighting may be more energy efficient when newly installed but may cost you twice as much to maintain after the first two to three years of use. This makes them perfect for parking lots where in some areas the lighting cannot be switched off and remains on both day and night.
Designed for Light Dispersion
Induction lights have a wide beam intended to cover a large area at all times. For example, induction parking lot lights spread their bright beams over a wide radius naturally. In contrast, high power LED lights to have a narrow beam focused on a relatively small spot.

Friendly to the Environment
Induction light products contain mainly one potentially harmful ingredient, amalgam mercury. This, fortunately, is easily recycled. But high powered LED products may contain not only mercury but also other toxic substances like arsenic, nickel, copper, silver, and led which may pollute both groundwater and the environment.
Light induction, therefore, affords you the benefits of long service, energy efficiency, low maintenance cost, zero flickering, broad area coverage, and environmental conservation.

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