5 Do It Yourself Maintenance Tips For Your Bathroom


Owning a home is a constant battle. As time goes on and the elements take their toll, things may start falling apart. Or, if you’re flipping a house, you may just want to make sure everything is in as good a shape as possible. No matter your reasoning, we’ve collected a few tips that are sure to help you keep your bathroom looking absolutely amazing.

1. Waterproof Paint For Shower Protection

If you’ve got paint yellowing or chipping in your shower, it may be time for a new coat. Clear off the old paint and purchase some waterproof shower paint to slap on. It’ll give your shower a fresh, new look that will stick around. If you head to the store to pick up some waterproof paint for shower and bath, you might also want to look into some slip resistant waterproof coating alongside the other waterproof products. If you put that in an old shower, it’ll be able to do a world of good when it comes to slipping and sliding around, as well as add on a shiny new coat.

2. Fixing Leaks

Minor or even some major leaks might be able to be solved without the help of a plumber. Using items like liquid rubber waterproof sealant that can be bought at any local hardware store, it’s possible to close up leaks on your own. If your bath is constantly draining onto your floor through a crack at the bottom because you didn’t use waterproof paint for shower, a pipe has sprung a small leak, or there’s a gap between your sink and floor, it should be no problem with a sealant or patch and some very basic tools.

3. Tile Replacement

As time wears on, water can do a lot of damage to bathroom tiles. This can cause them to get loose and potentially even moldy underneath. If you find loose tile, you’ll definitely want to get it cleaned and caulked back into placed. It isn’t a hard job, and is definitely not too much for someone at home to handle. All you’ll need is a caulk gun.

4. Clean Your Drains

It’s inevitable that hair and other debris will get down your drain, one way or another. Whenever possible, pull out your drain cover, clean it off, and try to clean down the drain as best as possible. You can use a drain cleaning product, or if it doesn’t seem too messy, a simple large pipe cleaner may do the trick.

5. Switch Soaps

Here’s a useful one. If you still use bar soap, it may be time to make the change. Liquid soap is far cleaner, both on a personal level and for your bathroom. Avoid soap scum stains on your sink, in your shower and on your countertop by using a liquid soap instead.

Those are our tips! Do you have any more? What are your suggestions? Let us know your thoughts down below, and have a great day.

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