How to Get Good Air Conditioning Services


On average, a furnace is going to last nearly 15 to 18 years. As a result, they eventually need to be replaced no matter how well you maintain it. Furthermore, these furnaces need to be replaced earlier if you are not maintaining it well. Much like furnaces, AC units need to be treated well! Here are all of the facts on heating and cooling services, including air conditioning services specifically!

Two-thirds of all homes in the United States have air conditioners. Just about 66% of all homes across the nation regularly utilize an AC unit to keep their home cool, comfortable, and nice. After all, not everyone likes to be warm all of the time. Therefore, you will want to make sure you take care of your air conditioning services. Here is why:

Air Conditioning Services Can Provide Serious Efficiency

Every year, a large portion of Americans fail to properly maintain a high level of efficiency in their home. For instance, many Americans have water leaks that they do not even know about. As a result, it is easy to understand Americans may be losing money on an inefficient AC unit. However, an HVAC contractor provides homeowners with maintenance services that keep everything running well!

United States homeowners as a whole spend just about $11 billion every single year on maintaining their AC units. This helps them keep their air conditioning unit in the best possible shape to avoid any issues. After all, no one that pays for an air conditioning unit wants to be left in the heat if it breaks during the winter. Therefore, local HVAC services, including air conditioning services, are so valuable and helpful.

Duct Problems Cause Serious Efficiency Issues

Just about 48% of all energy in an average United States home is used for heating and cooling only. Yes, that is almost half of all the energy in the standard home just for their AC and furnace. As a result, it is easy to understand just how costly an inefficient AC unit can be, especially during the hot winter summer! Do not let your energy bill rise in cost during the summer to ridiculous rates that you cannot afford!

A high-efficiency air conditioning unit is the right step forward for Americans. However, it is not the only important step that you should take. Installing a much more efficient AC unit will help reduce energy use for air conditioning by anywhere between 20% to 50%. Therefore, homeowners can really decrease their energy bill amount with the help of a residential HVAC contractor.

Ducts are a serious source of problems for Americans but most homeowners are unaware of what is even taking place. Any air lost through ducts is going to make up nearly 30% of all energy consumption for space conditioning. However, this loss is avoidable and does not have to be so damaging. Instead, a different kind of AC unit can be installed to prevent this.

Simply put, a mini split AC unit lets homeowners provide cool air in specific rooms and not their own house. It is highly recommended for homeowners with smaller spaces. That way, they do not waste their money on these ridiculous duct gaps and more. Cooling losses as high as 40% come from traditional, standard ductwork and so much more. Be sure to get help from heating and cooling contractors to properly take care of your home’s efficiency and so much more.

In Conclusion

Get local air conditioning services to come and help you out with your home. These trusted contractors are trained to specifically recognize and inefficient AC unit and can help you make a big-time upgrade. That way, you do not have to shell out money for cool air that is not even entering your home!

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