Build your dream home with nexcem and breathable walls


Designing your home and breaking ground on your housing project can be a complicated time. With so many decisions to make and choices to be done you need to assure yourself quality. Before those walls ever go up on the frame of your house you know that you need some type of high performance construction that is going to withstand both the test of time and the potential high impact of storms that could rock your entire foundation. Before you begin home construction one of the things that you should be looking for when it comes to high performance are the walls that go into your home. These walls are going to have to last you a lifetime so why not put more into picking them out so that you know they are efficient and going to last you and your family dozens of memories.

You expect all walls to be the same don’t you? You think that they aren’t anything more than the structure of your housing. Well with that assumption you couldn’t be more wrong. While your walls may be the bases of your house, they are also a very integral part of your home as well. Because of this, there are options that you should be considering when you put the first steps on building your dream home. What are these options and what do they include?

Nexcem walls are an option to consider.
Nexcem walls are insulated concrete forms. An ICF wall is six to nine times stronger than your average buildings. These ICF products mean business and they are the type of high performance walls that will last you a whole lifetime without worry of them coming down around you. ICF walls have been used in construction for over 60 years! They are both dependable and worthy of that dependability. Turing to ICF products you can even cut the cost of your new home by roughly $0.75 per square feet. Who doesn’t like that idea of savings?

Another benefit to ICF concrete?
These walls are being built for high performance including being able to stand up to storms and protect the inside of your homes from winds and storms that are more than 402 kph! The reassurance of knowing that your home is going to stand tall and be there for you should make you sleep a lot easier at night once your home is built and you’re spending your evenings within those walls.

If you’re family is building a home than make sure that the walls are something you both thought and consideration into. Home construction materials should be taken seriously, every part matters when you’re going to be living there for quite awhile. Don’t be afraid to explore your options and heavy consider what ICF walls can do for you and how once they are up they will benefit your family for years to come still.

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