How to Repair Your Patio Screen

Patio screens are a great thing to have for a variety of reasons. They protect your home from the elements, keep out bugs, and can even block UV rays from causing fading and damage to your porch furniture. However, they do tend to take on a lot of damage over time. Everything from the weather […]

When to Hire an Elevator Company

For much of human history, buildings were limited in their height and scale, and only cathedrals and the great pyramids of Egypt were more than a few stories tall. There was neither the need nor the technology for commercial elevator installation at the time, but this changed in the 1800s. New technology allowed for much […]

When to Get Heating and Cooling Repairs Done

Most American houses and commercial buildings have their own climate control; that is, heating and cooling utilities that can warm up the house in winter or cool it back down in summer. This may be done with a conventional HVAC system, or even ductless heat pumps that can be mounted on the wall. Either way, […]