How to Repair Your Patio Screen


Patio screens are a great thing to have for a variety of reasons. They protect your home from the elements, keep out bugs, and can even block UV rays from causing fading and damage to your porch furniture. However, they do tend to take on a lot of damage over time. Everything from the weather to your animals to playful kids can cause wear and tear to these screens. They may eventually tear in spots, leaving a hole for things like rain and bugs to get through.

Screen repair is relatively simple though if you know what to do. With the right screen repair supplies you can patch holes on your own or have someone come fix it for you. Below we will take a look at the tools you will need and how to go about fixing your porch netting.


You don’t need much for tools. Some spare screen mesh material, a tape measure, industrial scissors, and some clear household cement will do the trick. You will have to make sure the bit of extra screening you use is large than the hole so that it can fit over and around it. It is also important to make sure that your scissors are strong and sharp enough to easily cut the material to size.

The Process

The process is quick and simple. There are only a few steps to perform once you’ve gathered your screen repair supplies. The first step is to measure the hole and then cut a piece of screen mesh that is larger than the hole by at least an inch on all sides.

Next you will need to create angled strands that can be used to attach the new piece of mesh to your screen. You can do this by unraveling the edges all the way around and bending the strands back at a 90 degree angle. This gives you something to push into the screen and then push flat on the outside to lock it in place.

Once you have the strands pushed through and then locked down you need to seal them in place. You can do this with the clear household cements. It only takes a small amount painted over the strands you pushed through to hold them down. This is just an added security measure to make sure the spot stays patched.

Ask For Help

If you’re unsure about performing the patching process on your own and want to make sure it looks and functions properly, you can call for assistance. A local contractor who has screen repair supplies can come fix it for you if you’re not comfortable doing it yourself.

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