Fall Landscape Renovations Can Add Color to the Last Months of the Year


A return trip that included 917 through the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska included lots of landscape. From the long horn cattle of Texas to the round barns of Oklahoma, the father daughter drive was one for the books. The backroads through Oklahoma revealed some of the reddest dirt the two travelers had ever seen. Staining the two lane highways and guard rails, it was so pervasive you simply could not ignore it. Separated by 90 miles and more than 100 years, the red paint and brick of the two round barns further emphasized the red dirt throughout the Oklahoma state. Traveling north through Kansas and into the black fertile soil of Nebraska, it was an unintentional study of the landscape of the midwest.

Taking turns nothing landscape designs of large homes in small towns and small houses on large farms, the ride was mesmerizing. The 87 year old father and 56 year old daughter often talked of the scenery as much as they did the past. Road trips are meant for those with time on their hands, and this trip to visit a granddaughter in college was extended to include seven states, old time hardware stores, and one of the nation’s largest used Book Bazaars. The 200 photos phots only begin to illustrate the events of the five day trip, but if the two had stopped to take pictures of everything that amazed them, the 17 hour one day trek home may have never ended.

Home Owners Attempt to Create Their Own Beautiful Surroundings in Their Landscape Installations

When at home and not on the road traveling, it should come as no surprise that many of us try to recapture the beauty of a nature far beyond the boundaries of our backyards. Through the rocks we have shipped in from favorite travel destinations to the red mulch installed to emulate the look of a favorite southern clay colored landscape, there are many ways that property owners can create beautiful areas at home. And whether you are considering infinity pool systems to emulate a still lake in the country or you are going for a landscape design that reminds you of a childhood home, there are plenty of inspirations if you want to make your outdoor spaces welcoming and comfortable.

No matter what kind of landscape installation your are considering, it is important to purchase the highest quality items that you can afford and to invest in the best contractors to make sure that your plan is perfectly achieved. And while there are many property owners who are willing to tackle their own landscape designs, the best know that woking with professionals will help get lasting results that will significantly add to the exterior beauty of any home. When it comes to adding a pool project, of course, working with the most experienced pool contractors and designers is always in your best interest.

High quality swimming pool and landscape installations can add beauty, function, and value to a property. Researching ahead of time the available local contractors can help you make the best decisions. Although small in comparison to all of the farming land in the nation, front and back lawns in the U.S. collectively contain almost 21 million acres of grass. As a result, it should come as no surprise that the landscaping services in the U.S. has grown by 5.8% over the previous five years to reach revenue of $93 billion in 2018. In addition, during that same time span, the number of employees working in U.S. Landscaping industry has grown 3.2%.

Knowing who to turn to for a landscape installation remains an increasingly important decision as more and more people work to improve the exterior areas of their homes. And while fall may not be the typical time to add or change the landscaping around your home, it is important to note that there are ways to make sure that you extend your indoor spaces out onto patios and decks. For instance, home owners who install outdoor fire pits enjoy a 78% return on investment. Not to mention some warm hands and feet, as well as really tasty roasted marshmallows.

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