Advantages of Wood Window Restoration over Replacement


Energy-efficiency and old windows are hot topics among contractors, preservationists, and in the famous restoration magazines. Many houses built more than 50 years ago can be a headache. Their frames rattle, and the weights and sash cords not always function properly. Ultimately, they are not energy-efficient windows. Should you replace such windows with more energy-efficient, free maintenance windows or try to restore them?

Wood Window Restoration Is the Only Option

There is nothing like maintenance-free windows. According to recent research, new windows are advantageous because they can give at least a 70% return on investment. Replacement windows can revert the value and beauty of your old home to a new showplace in your community. However, you still have to work on it in the future.

For economic efficiency, you have to buy a cheap window to replace a perfect and properly fixed one. Surprisingly, the modern, high-quality window can’t be of the same quality as that of the old days. Besides, a modern, high-quality window is costly. Either way, wood window restoration stands to be the only best choice.

Old Is Gold

Replacing windows in a historic home is equivalent to taking the heart out of it. It’s very unnecessary and should never happen. Replacing old windows with new ones is like changing old-growth timber for new growth. Most of the new windows are finger-jointed (little pieces fit together) and can’t be as durable as the old ones. The many joints make them weak and increase their chances of failure.

Wood window restoration will help you maintain the quality. Historic wood windows are like gold and should be treasured. All you need is to get the job done by window restoration Portland Oregon professionals.

Vinyl clads, and aluminum windows are poor options for historic structures for the fact that you are changing the inside and outside nature of the house. Currently, vinyl replacement windows are being manufactured in a wide range of wood grain windows. They are also energy efficient as they repay themselves after approximately five years. This is very impressive, and many might be enticed to get a price quote.

Advantage of Old Growth Wood Over New Growth Wood

Old-growth wood is denser and stronger than new growth wood. If you check the growth rings in old-growth wood window frames, you will realize that there will be around 10-20 rings per inch. However, new wood frames have 4-5 rings. This makes the vast difference since they can’t have the same strength, durability, and resistance to heat. Precisely, they are not as energy-efficient as the old wood windows. Clearly, historic wood window restoration still takes the lead. Thus, replacement over restoration is a fallacy!

Another Common Fallacy

The other common fallacy about replacement windows is that they will dramatically save you energy costs. Modern replacement windows have a higher R-value compared to the traditional window. However, the final energy saving can’t merge the cost of replacement windows within their 20-year service life. Other energy-saving projects that serve as a better energy-saving investment and can’t interfere with the historic fabric of the home are:

  • Insulation of the attic
  • Installing storm windows
  • Incorporating weatherstripping around doors and windows
  • Adding solar-powered fans
  • Installing shading devices such as awnings

It’s very critical to have your storm windows appropriately installed. Also, ensure proper maintenance to avoid detracting the historical integrity of the building.

Windows play a significant role in defining the feature of a historic home. However, they are the riskiest features for wholesale replacement in home renovation projects. This is because most homeowners are bit sure of how to repair them since manufacturers claim that they are energy efficient and require no maintenance. Window replacement is quite expensive and affects the historic nature of a home.

Furthermore, it increases long term replacement costs. Wood window restoration is the best solution to renovating a historic home because it helps to preserve the historical aspect. Wood window restoration Portland Oregon experts have an excellent reputation. You can try them out.

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