Are Your Allergies Bothering You as Much in Your Home as When You Are Outside?


This has been on e of the worst falls. The combination of a five day trip down south was a blast, but your allergies rebelled. The mold and the mildew inside of many of the homes are difficult to avoid. The weekend you were in town was actually dry and hot so there was lots of pollen and dust in the air. The fact that you made the trip in your father’s truck did not help matters. It is an older truck that looks great on the outside, but is a dusty event on the inside. Combine that trip with the fact that you have been in and out a number of classrooms substitute teaching, and it is literally an allergy hey day! Unfortunately, last night the congestion in your sinus must have began draining to your chest. With almost no sleep, you finally moved to the basement so you could sit upright in a chair and attempt to avoid a full blown asthma attack.

Fortunately, the doctor was able to see you today and has prescribed a rescue inhaler, along with a course of antibiotics and steroids. To be safe, you even have a team coming out for duct cleaning next week. You had your wood floors refinished at the beginning of the summer and you are wondering if there is some of that dust circulating through your home.
Fall Can Be a Miserable Allergy Time for Many Patients

Even if you have a new home, a duct cleaning may be a good investment. Pet dander, pollen that makes its way inside the house, and other pollutants can lead to respiratory issues. Especially in the fall, when many allergies are already at their highest levels. Fortunately, there are a number of duct cleaning companies that will help their clients breathe the cleanest air.

The newest heating and cooling services also provide a cleaner way to make sure that a home is safe and comfortable. With air conditioners that pull humidity out of the air in the winter and switch to humidifying a space in the dry days of winter, home owners can make sure that they have the safe environments for themselves and their family members.

Outside of the duct cleaning and heating and cooling systems, there are plumbing problems that can cause allergy problems as well. Clogged drains and hidden leaks that can create a fertile environment for mold and mildew, and other common allergen.

To make sure that you do not have any hidden water problems going on in your home, it is important to make sure that you schedule a plumbing inspection every year. At these annual events, a plumber can use the latest leak detection technology to find what might be the much bigger source to what might first look like a small leak.

In addition to all of the allergy problems that can be caused be common household problems that are left unchecked, many of these issues are also costly wastes of energy. Consider these facts and figures about the many ways that the best home maintenance can help property owners maintain the value of their home or business:

  • The average household septic system should be inspected at least every three years, and household septic tanks are usually pumped every three to five years.
  • The average indoor water use in a typical home with a single family is nearly 70 gallons a person, every day.
  • Toilets account for 25% to 30% of household water use.
  • In the 1990s, new water conservation laws were passed that brought low flow toilets into production.
  • The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that the average household will save $90 a year with a low flush toilet.
  • Fortunately, fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save home owners as much as 10% on their water bills.
  • Grease, fat, and oil buildups cause nearly 47% of the up to 36,000 sewer overflows that happen every year in America.
  • Research indicates that low flush toilets use a mere 1.3 gallons for a flush.
  • Even with the latest technologies, 10% of homes have leaks that waste as much as 90 gallons of water or more every day.
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