Getting a New Roof Installed on Your House

A homeowner has plenty of repair and upkeep needs to keep track of for their house, and that ranges from the foundation to the drywall to the plumbing to the roof. In particular, a good roof will keep rain and snow out of the house, and that roof will also play an important role in the house’s climate control efforts. A shoddy, damaged roof is problematic in all kinds of ways, so professional roofing installation may be needed to overhaul an old roof. Lightly damaged roofs might not need professional roofing installation, but rather, simple roofing repair at the hands of professional roofing companies. Roof repair and professional roofing installation can be done when a concerned homeowner looks up local roofing companies and finds one to hire, since this is far from a DIY project. Peripheral topics such as installing new gutters or even new siding might come up, too. Exterior repair is just as important as interior repair and remodeling.

Problems With Old Roofs

What might damage an old roof, and what issues might a compromised roof cause? To start with, a roof will wear out with sheer old age, and someone who buys an old house might have a decades-old roof over their head. These old roofs have been expanding and contracting due to temperature and moisture differences for years, which may put cracks and holes in the wood. Combine that with tiles falling out and coming loose, and that roof is primed to leak water often. Leaking water is a whole issue on its own, and such water can drip in through the smallest holes and cracks. This water will expand and rot wood in the attic, not to mention damage drywall in the house and short out electrical components. That will lead to all kinds of extra repair and refitting work, and that’s costly.

Old roofs may also fail to help with climate control. A house may leak a lot of warmth through its roof, and a lack of insulation and proper tiles means a house’s heater will be overworked during winter. That, in turn, cranks up the electric bill and also makes the house uncomfortable to live in. Don’t forget animal intrusions, either; squirrels might chew their way into a roof or attic and make a nest in the air ducts, and chew on plastic pipes and electrical cords. That may cause a lot of expensive damage in a hurry.

Getting Professional Roofing Installation

A homeowner may decide it is time for professional roofing installation, or at least some repairs, if their heating system is disrupted, if water keeps leaking in, or if there’s visible damage on the roof. A homeowner may look up local roofing companies online and view their websites, which should include videos, articles, and photos showcasing each contractor’s work. Once a team is hired, the workers will visit the site and repair or replace whatever they must. Old tiles can be replaced, and holes and cracks in the wood can be sealed with liquid rubber and related products. A coat like this is bound to plug all leaks and prevent new ones from forming.

Repair crews can also remove squirrels and their nests from the house, then seal up the holes that those animals chewed and put on paint and glue that will repel them. An extra step is to cut away nearby tree branches, so squirrels can’t reach the house as easily.

In some cases, the roof is so badly damaged, such as from a storm, it must be replaced entirely (it may be outrageously expensive and impractical to fix at this point). The old roof is removed as a whole, and a new one will be fitted on, either a shingle tile model or a metal model. Either way, the house will become leak-proof and have better insulation, and a new roof will impress home buyers when the current owner puts the property on the market. In particular, metal roofs are a fine investment since they last many decades, cost less to install than shingle roofs, and are very tough. Metal roofs come in many different colors, too, and they are 100% recyclable once they finally wear out.

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