How to Light your Warehouse Correctly


When managing a warehouse, your lighting system should focus on safety and productivity.

According to the U.S. Department of labor, top accidents in warehouses are slips and falls. The result? 95 million lost workdays a year.

Having sufficient lighting in your warehouse is the best way to minimize accident risks. It thus promotes a safe working environment for your employees. For this to happen, you’ll need to invest in quality warehouse lighting fixtures.

When dealing with warehouse lighting, there are different considerations to make. For instance, what are the lighting standards? Or which lighting design will you adopt?

Take your time to understand the lighting needs in your warehouse. Only then can you select the ideal warehouse lighting fixtures ideal for your case. But before then, let’s go through the vital warehouse features:

  • A warehouse has few and small windows.
  • A warehouse includes elevated shelves.
  • A warehouse has a high ceiling.
  • A warehouse has an ample and broader floor space.

These primary features are standard in almost all warehouses. But like people, a warehouse can have a distinct difference.

Here are four essential tips on a warehouse lighting fixture.

1. Figure out the Best Lighting Arrangement

Before you plan the lighting arrangement, take time and efficiently rearrange the warehouse. Remember, different warehouse lighting systems serve specific parts of your warehouse.

For example, high bay light fixtures seek to cover a large area. The solar parking lot light fixtures seek to illuminate your garage and parking area. Rearranging the warehouse may be prudent to offer an efficient and economical lighting system.

Keep in mind that your lighting arrangement should be viable in the long run. If you rearrange the contents some few weeks or months later, then the recently installed warehouse lighting fixtures will not be as effective. Thus, consider whether you’ll stick with the current layout before buying any commercial led lighting for your warehouse.

2. Customize the Lighting Plan to Your Warehouse

No two warehouses are the same. Likewise, their lighting plans and arrangements cannot be similar.

Let’s say your warehouse has more windows than the common few. Check whether you can combine this feature with less lighting to save on cost.

For a warehouse with a lower ceiling, fewer warehouse lighting fixtures will cover a large area with light. Remember, there’s much more to this exercise than splashing led warehouse lighting fixtures at equal intervals. Instead, customize the lighting depending on your layout plans.

3. Select the Best Warehouse Lighting Fixture

Currently, there are three critical types of warehouse lighting: HID bulbs, LED lights, and fluorescent lighting. Each of these has its benefits and demerits.

Of the three, LED is the most popular nowadays. The rise in popularity is due to various reasons. For instance, LED is highly energy efficient as it consumes less power than HID and fluorescent bulbs. It also offers warmth-free lighting, which is suitable for any warehouse irrespective of what you’re storing.

LED lighting fixtures have a higher life expectancy reaching up to 50,000 hours. It’s the highest, followed by fluorescent bulbs at 20,000 hours of work life.

Unlike LED lighting fixtures, fluorescent lights don’t produce glare. As such, they’re ideal for a warehouse working environment. But the good thing is, you can use reflectors to minimize the glare of the LED lighting leading to a safer workplace.

4. Select the Best Long-term Lighting Plan

Don’t underestimate the power of the long-term cost of lighting up your warehouse. The truth is, the initial cost of installation is nothing compared to the electricity bills you’ll pay over time.

When planning to use the warehouse for a long period, go for the most energy-efficient option. However, be careful not to compromise other areas of your lighting plan. For instance, LED high bay lights maybe your ideal lighting solution.

Buy High-Quality Lighting Fixture

You may do everything right from planning the arrangement through to execution. However, this is pointless if you don’t get high-quality lighting fixtures. So take your time and go for the best supplier to buy from.

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