Keeping Cool Signs You Need to Replace Your Air Conditioner


This time of year, the sun is out and humidity levels are higher than usual, and air conditioning is a large part of getting through the weather. If you have an air conditioner that’s between 12-15 years old, then there is a possibility that it may need to be replaced. There are many other instances, however, where your AC unit may simply need some repair.

Indications of a Dirty Unit

If your AC unit is acting up but continues to run, you may not need to refer to an emergency plumber or cooling technician immediately. Some problems with air conditioning may be due to a dirty filter or dirty coils. Either of these two can typically be replaced or cleaned without the help of a professional.

Cleaning your coils will require a few steps, so make sure to follow them accordingly in order for a proper clean.

  • First, make certain to turn off your AC unit before attempting to clean it.
  • Then, remove any fencing that may be covering your unit.
  • Finally, spray the unit with your water hoes from the inside going outwards. This way, grime does not go back into the unit and is instead flushed out.

You can also purchase coil cleaning supplies to further improve your unit. After the DIY AC cleaning, you should replace your AC filter to make certain that dirt does not continue to make it into your unit and potentially clog any of its components.

Signs You Need a New AC

If the above tips did nothing to improve your cooling system, then you may need to refer to HVAC services. There are a few signs that may indicate your AC is beyond cleaning or repairing yourself. If your unit makes a strange noise, fluctuates between temperatures, does not stay on, or wastes high levels of energy, then it is likely that your AC can use professional repair by an emergency plumber or HVAC professional.

These signs may not indicate a replacement necessarily, but they are like-signs of a problem that needs careful attention. Your unit may need part replacements or to be readjusted from the inside in order to run properly. These problems will likely occur with years of wear.

If your unit is in the later years of its lifespan, it may need regular HVAC maintenance in order to run smoothly. Inquire with an HVAC contractor to see if repairs can be made or if a new HVAC unit is recommended.

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