FAQ Frameless Glass Doors


You may have come across frameless glass doors and have a few questions about the functionality and working of the frameless glass doors system. The video addresses a few frequently asked questions including:

How do they hold up to different weather conditions?
Between each glass panel is a UV protected translucent H-channel weather strip that creates an extremely tight seal between the panels on both sides, making sure no air or moisture can come between the panels.

How wide is the stack of panels when the system is open?
Creations are all custom-made, so they will fit your specific opening. The panels themselves are made according to the width in inches of your opening divided by the widest size possible for a panel to a maximum of 34 inches wide, which gives the number of panels to be fitted.

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What materials are used?
The frameless glass doors from cover glass are made from tempered and laminated glass which is half an inch thick.

Are the siding glass walls stronger than normal glass?
Yes, they are much stronger and can even withstand a swinging bat with no damage because they are rated as safety glass.

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