Re-Roofing a House with Vinyl Siding


As vinyl siding is among the most popular exteriors for houses, there are certain details you should be aware of. As you will see in the video, re-roofing a house with vinyl siding is a bit different.

While preparing an estimate, it should be noted that new step flashing should be installed.

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This is important as the homeowner probably did not take that into account when deciding to re-roof their house. The vinyl siding must be detached and reattached in order for re-roofing to be adequately completed. Without adding new step flashing, the house may no longer be up to the proper code.

Oftentimes, roofers will give notice to homeowners telling them the condition of the vinyl siding. Unfortunately for the homeowner, that may be a project that must soon be completed. It is important to communicate potential problems thoroughly and effectively with the homeowner to cover all your bases, even if it may not be good news. This will help avoid any unwelcome surprises.

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