How to Eliminate Your Rodent Problem


Every now and then pests make an appearance in every home. Whether it be bees, spiders, or squirrels, these animals can cause damage if not handled properly. This video will focus on rodent control and eliminating them from your living space.

A sign that you have a rodent issue is if you are finding piles of feces in nooks and crannies in your home. Take a look under your fridge as food is what attracts them inside.

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The number of droppings found usually correlates with the size of your rodent issue, as well as the type.

The next step is to seal off any small holes and entryways that rodents may be coming to the home. This includes protecting your vents, pipes, and wires. Preventing any more rodents from entering is a crucial step in rodent removal.

Next, you would want to strategically place traps around tight spots of your home, perhaps where you found the droppings. This will attract and effectively eliminate your problem.

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