Everything a Homeowner Should Know About Water Damage


Water damage is something every homeowner dreads. A small leak in a pipe can lead to a serious mold problem or even damage the structural components of your home. And a flood can cause significant water damage throughout your home.

Many homeowners don’t know much about water damage beyond checking for mold on their walls and ceilings. But they should know much more about water damage.

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In the video posted below, experts from a water mitigation company talk about water damage and what homeowners need to know.

For example, are you aware of all of the sources of water damage that could affect your home? If your roof leaks, exterior water could come inside your home. If your pipes leak, interior water could cause damage.

Once water damage starts to occur, you may notice that wood warps, water stains appear, and musty odors become apparent. Water mitigation companies use specific products in the right order to tackle these issues after resolving the problem at its source.

If you have seen any signs of water damage in your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals, especially if you suspect your home has significant mold growth.

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