Learn These Myths of Snake Control


Although many people keep snakes as pets, many more people do not want snakes in their homes and yards. There are many misconceptions about how to get rid of snakes. Rove Pest Control in Minnesota lists the most common snake control myths.

The first myth is that keeping a well-groomed yard keeps away snakes.

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Although a decluttered, mowed yard can reduce places for snakes to hide, it doesn’t act as a snake repellent. Snakes feed on a wide variety of prey that can enjoy living in a yard that looks fabulous. Installing solid fencing that goes at least a foot deep into the ground helps to deter snakes.

The second myth is that leaving poisoned mice in your yard kills snakes. This practice does not poison snakes but can poison pets, birds and wildlife. Studies have shown that snakes can eat poisoned rodents without being harmed. Dead rodents can even attract snakes.

The third myth is that all you need to keep snakes away is to use a snake repellent. Very few sprays work for snakes, since they need to be properly applied depending on which species of snake needs repelling. Ultrasonic pest repellent devices are ineffective against snakes and most pests in general. The best method of snake control is to hire a pest management service to trap and remove snakes.

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