A Guide to AC Repair and Maintenance


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Air conditioning is a great miracle of modern living. However, it does require regular preventative maintenance to make sure you don’t have to send for costly AC repairs. This video explains a few ways to maintain the longevity of your AC unit.

If you know AC machines well, you can do a lot of Ac maintenance yourself. If you don’t, however, it’s a good idea to call a professional to show you the ropes. Remember, paying a serviceman or woman for maintenance will always be cheaper than paying for repairs or replacements.

The serviceman will do a full inspection of the AC unit. This starts with unplugging the power supply and ensuring all of the electronics are working right. They will then replace the filter if it is excessively dirty.

The maintenance guy will then turn the power on and check the blower and other active components for signs of disrepair or damage. The maintenance man will then check all of the ducts which will be spread out along the house.

Finally, the maintenance man will check the outside parts of the machine to make sure the fans, coils, and other essential parts are clean and working properly. For more information, click on the video above.

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