Stop Pipeline Corrosion Before It Worsens


This video outlines how pipeline corrosion causes pressure drops, leading to both accidents and leaks. It also discusses the prevention methods that can stop the corrosion before it worsens. Corrosion is a serious problem that can hurt any project’s overall timeline and budget.

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You need a proactive approach to ensure your facility is prepared for any potential issues before they occur.

Pipeline corrosion plagues many industrial facilities and businesses and occurs due to water, heat, and pressure and quickly spreads to other pipes. It typically starts with a tiny crack in the line. Over time, this crack can open up and allow water to seep through into your system. As a result, it can cause damage to your pipes and fixtures and increase maintenance costs. In addition, pipeline corrosion poses a significant problem for water and wastewater utilities. It can lead to costly repairs, increased treatment costs, and even service outages.

Using suitable pipe material and installing flexible joints between pipes prevents pipeline corrosion. In addition, proper cleaning and anti-corrosion chemicals are effective maintenance processes. Flexible joints make water moving through pipes easier and allow for expansion and contraction due to temperature changes or other factors.

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