Which Areas of Your Home Should You Remodel Soon?


Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever in a home. Things go out of style and make your place look very dated. They can also wear down or even break. This is all part of homeownership, though. While you could have some things repaired, most of the time you would be better off remodeling.

One reason for this is that it can make your home feel brand new. Also, having a remodeled kitchen or bathroom or any other room can greatly increase its value when you put it out on the market. What are the parts of the home that you should remodel fairly soon? Here are the ones that we think you should focus on.


Your basement serves as far more than just a place that you can use to do everything from store items to make an office, to play video games or watch movies, to just mediate in solitude. If something happens to it, it can do more than just inconvenience you. It can actually undermine a lot of the structure of your home, especially if the walls are weakened. That’s why you should research residential remodeling services to hire people to make your basement usable again.

Find people who are experienced in doing all kinds of basement remodeling when using different types of materials to complete the task. The reasoning behind this one is that there are things known as ‘wet basements,’ which can lead to black mold if they don’t do the remodel correctly. Look for mentions of wet basement experience when you check their info. When they do the remodel, they will waterproof the basement.

Ultimately, they will be experts at ensuring that the job is done right the first time. This is not something that you want to have to call them to come fix. When they finish, you will have a basement that looks brand-new and is safe for you to use for whatever activities you want. One thing that you might want to consider is to have them put in lighting to keep the place from feeling dark and gloomy. Your kids will appreciate that too, since it will prevent the bogeyman from being able to hide in any shadows.


Kitchens tend to be seen as the crown jewel of houses. It’s the place where people spend a lot of their time preparing food. When it comes to appliances and cabinets, it’s good to have the most recent models of things like stoves, refrigerators, and even washing machines. If you still have appliances that you bought when Bill Clinton was President, you will likely want to upgrade them to new ones. There’s just something inviting about walking into a kitchen that has all-new gleaming appliances.

There’s another reason why it’s a good idea to have your kitchen remodeled – it can add a lot of value to your home if you put it on the market. Buyers will likely be happy that they won’t have to get all-new appliances when they move in. They may show this appreciation by being willing to pay a higher asking price when it comes to closing the sale.

You want to focus on kitchen and bath remodeling as well as countertop installation service when you’re looking online for residential remodeling services to hire. Don’t underestimate what having a nice new island countertop will do for your home’s value. It’s an excellent centerpiece and it can also be a great gathering place. You’ll get a very good return on your investment if you spend it on this area.


Your bathroom is a sanctuary. You can relax while you shower, and a lot of great ideas have also come up while you enjoy the hot water. People also ponder things about life while tending to nature. Do you want to have it be a nice environment or do you want it to feel dated? Keeping it clean is only half the battle when it comes to being able to savor your time there.

Personal enjoyment aside, you need to think about the larger picture, too. As far as increasing your home’s value goes, you should also consider bathroom remodeling services. Does yours look like something from the 1950s? It’s time to upgrade all facets of your bathroom. This means everything from the ground up … including the piping.

You might find yourself inconvenienced for a week or so, but the end results will be worth it. If you get modern toilets, sinks, and even something like a walk-in shower, then having this work done can also make people willing to pay more in terms of the asking price for your home should you ultimately decide to sell it in the future.

When you are looking up residential remodeling services to hire, this is one area that you should definitely target. If you get highly qualified people to do this job, then things could really work out well for you in terms of both having a good bathroom and the return on your investment later on.

Living Room

The living room is a social nexus for the home. What do you want to do after a long day at work or during the weekend? Kick back and relax while watching a ball game or a movie. You can also lounge around and talk with family members about their day. It’s also a perfect spot to read a book or use your phone to look at the latest videos on social media. Which means that it’s got to have the perfect atmosphere.

One thing that really helps set the mood in any room is the color of the walls. Having soothing colors can make everyone feel relaxed. You can get a good interior painting company when you’re researching residential remodeling services to hire. Then you and your family will always feel at ease when relaxing in the living room. It will really help emphasize the ‘living’ in the ‘living room.’ This could be considered more of an investment in you and your family’s quality of home life than trying to improve the market value of your place..


People that grew up with backyards behind their home usually have fond memories of the time that they spent there. It could be because they spent endless hours doing things like playing sports or climbing backyard sets or looking at the birds and other creatures of nature. It can be an indelible part of their childhood.

When you move into your place, you should look at your backyard like it’s a blank canvas. That’s because it’s something that feels like it has endless potential – this depends on how large it is, of course. Some people have sprawling backyards that seem to run forever, while others have backyards where it seems like all you have to do is stretch out your arms to the side and you’re reaching into your neighbor’s backyard. The small backyard might feel more like a sketchbook than a canvas.

Let’s assume that you have a pretty good-sized backyard, though. There are so many things that you can do. You could have a patio where you can host barbecues, outdoor parties, or even just sit in a chair and relax in the sun on a beautiful spring, summer, or fall day. The patio can be made of many different types of material. You could have patio contractors come to build you one or remodel the old one that you already have to make it look like the one that you initially bought.

Speaking of relaxing in the sun, you could also have a swimming pool builder come install a new pool or remodel the current one that you have so that it will look exactly like the one you envision. It can be one where you just laze about on a floating chair or you could get one where you can swim laps for exercise. Whatever the case, before you know it, you and your family will be able to do some swimming whenever you want. It will beat having to go to the local pool.

There’s one other thing that you’re going to want in your backyard, whether you have a patio or a pool or both. That’s a fence that will give you privacy while you’re enjoying yourself. You may already have one that needs remodeling. That’s fine, you can call fencing companies to do either for you. These are all things that you can think about when looking for residential remodeling services to hire.

Front Yard

Your front yard can leave quite an impression on a lot of people – your neighbors and anyone who walks or drives by. Is your grass tall enough for a full-grown grizzly bear to comfortably hide in? Does your driveway have a lot of cracks in it? Both of these things can have people respond unfavorably. Any potential buyer will likely not want to deal with the headache of trying to fix this situation. Also, your neighbors will not like it, since it can drive down their property values too. It’s important that you change this perception.

While you might not feel like mowing your lawn, you can hire a local landscaping company to come do that job for you. As a result, your lawn will look a lot better. They can even take care of shrubbery and other areas. People like seeing a well-manicured lawn, not one that looks like it’s been neglected. The difference will be a striking one when they take care of the tall grass.

As far as your driveway goes, having an asphalt driveway paving service come by and take care of that would be a good idea. There’s something about walking on a smooth driveway that just feels and looks good. When you’re looking for residential remodeling services to hire, this is something else that you should consider for your home. It can make the difference between a sale or having your home being on the market for far longer than you would like.

These are the areas that homeowners use the most and what potential buyers look at closely when they are touring homes that are for sale. You can make your place a very enticing one when you have the remodeling done. It can really improve the quality of your home life since you will enjoy spending time there.

Trying to decide which part of your home you should remodel first can seem like an overwhelming task at first. The best thing to do is to break it down year by year. You should invest in having one area remodeled each year or two. That way, you won’t be spending too much at once and you won’t have too many people milling around your place at one time, which can be stressful.

Of course, you might find yourself having to move faster than you anticipated. In that case, you’re going to have to prioritize certain areas that can improve the value. You might have to do something like get a new roof if your current one is in bad shape. A new roof can greatly increase your home’s value, too. If you have the luxury of time, then you can take a more thoughtful approach and do it bit by bit.

Once you set up a list of the order of what areas you want to remodel, then it’s just a matter of contacting the people that you want to do the job and then watching as they make your place look like it’s a new home. You will get to enjoy your investments after that.

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