Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Is Better Heres Why


Want a quick and affordable way to upgrade your kitchen? Cabinet refinishing can instantly improve the look of your kitchen and even increase the home’s value. Ron Hazelton has your guide on why you should refinish your kitchen cabinets.

Not only is your kitchen the most used room in your home, but the cabinets are oftentimes the most used thing in that room. After time and numerous cleanings, they can start looking shabby.

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You don’t have to replace the cabinets, you can refurbish them using a mixture of a coat and stain. This task is fairly easy and inexpensive.

With cabinet refinishing, you’d follow the same steps as if you were painting them. Remove the drawers, shelves, knobs, handles, and hinges. This could be an excellent time to upgrade the hardware for a fresh look at your kitchen.

Since cabinets can accumulate cooking oil, wipe them down using mineral spirits to clean off that residue. Then use fine 220-grit paper to sand everything down. Then, apply the stain. Most professionals recommend using a combination of stain and polyurethane. Once everything has dried, put your doors back on and replace your old hinges, knobs, and handles with new ones. After these steps, your cabinets will look as good as new!


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