How to Install a Shower Enclosure


If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom on your own, it’s likely that you’re searching for information on how to install a shower enclosure. This video takes you through the process, from start to finish. Let’s dig in so you can get started with your DIY home improvement project.

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Choosing a glue-up shower enclosure is a simple, cost-effective way to transform the look of your bathroom. First, you’ll need to remove the original enclosure completely, if it exists. Be sure to turn off the water before you get started. If the wallboard behind the original enclosure is damaged, you’ll need to remove that as well.

Next, you’ll install a new cement board to set the foundation for your glue-up enclosure panels. Be sure to mark the top of the bathtub, then dry-fit the panels. Mark each cut line (be sure to include the tub spout and shower valve). Then, you’ll be all set to make the cuts required to get your glue-up panels to perfectly fit your shower. Starting with the back wall, you’ll use a caulk gun to apply adhesive to the wall. Be sure to use a zigzag pattern. Use a clean roller to attach each panel, saving the corner panel last.

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