Tips for Repairing Your Gutters


In the video above, the reporter addresses issues with gutter services, expressing familiarity with common problems related to improperly hung gutters. The gutters in question are observed to be leaking in the corners, with visible wet decking. The reporter identifies the key problems, noting that the gutters are hung too high and have a noticeable crown, causing water to drip in the corner which is not a good scenario.

Upon inspecting the gutters, the reporter advises that they need more pitch and should be hung lower.

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The misconception that hanging gutters high will catch water immediately is debunked, emphasizing the importance of aligning them with the lower part of the roof. Practical steps to remedy the situation are discussed, including removing and rehanging the gutters, adjusting the downspout, and replacing brackets for better support.

The reporter then demonstrates the process of addressing these issues, including unscrewing brackets, removing the gutters, cleaning them, and rehanging with proper alignment and support. The reporter then emphasizes the need for additional brackets, especially in regions with snow and ice. The importance of sealing joints to prevent leaks is highlighted, and the video concludes with a job well done and advice for additional maintenance, such as repainting the fascia board. Overall, the reporter provides valuable insights and practical steps for correcting gutter-related issues.

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