Why Is the Roof Overhang So Important for Your Gutters?


In the video above, a reporter discusses a crucial aspect of roofing maintenance. Addressing the question of how much overhang is necessary for effective gutter performance, the video emphasizes the practical considerations essential for efficient water discharge and flow in roofing systems. Traditionally, the advice was to ensure you could get your hand in for cleaning purposes. However, in practical terms, a 25 to 30-millimeter overhang is ideal for both gutter functionality and the overall performance of roofing systems, making it relevant for homeowners and gutter and roofing companies alike.

The reporter provides a practical demonstration using two types of roofing materials—natural Spanish slates and man-made slates.

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Both roofs exhibit a 25-millimeter overhang into the gutter, allowing water to discharge effectively. The importance of this overhang becomes evident as the reporter points out other roofs where the material extends too far, making cleaning challenging and reducing the gutter’s overall effectiveness.

For those interested in roofing maintenance, this video serves as a valuable guide, highlighting the significance of the overhang in preserving both gutter functionality and the overall performance of roofing systems. Implementing the recommended 25 to 30-millimeter overhang can not only facilitate easier cleaning but also optimize the gutter’s capacity to efficiently carry and discharge rainwater, contributing to the overall longevity and effectiveness of roofing structures.

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