How Does a Professional Install a Reducer Transition Strip?


If you are installing a floor, you may be challenged with two adjacent areas where the surfaces are of different heights. In this video, viewers learn about using reducer transition strips. These strips are pieces of molding that can safely join two levels of flooring, and they can be made from several different materials. Some materials used include wood, metal, aluminum, and vinyl.

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A common example of a reducer transition strip use would be to join a laminate floor from a living room to the smooth vinyl floor of a kitchen. Without these moldings, someone walking between the two floors could trip and fall because of the different heights. According to Angi, these strips are typically sold unfinished, so many homeowners paint them to help them conform to the decor.

To use these strips, measure the material and cut them to the correct size with a power saw. Sand the bottom of the strip to help smooth it out. Apply an adhesive to the sanded surface – about 1/4 inch thick. You would then smoothly press the strip into place.

They are considered an essential safety feature. They are intended to prevent slips and falls. Their design makes them look like part of the design and can help two separate areas blend into a cohesive home decor theme.

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