Types of Cooling Towers


Water cooling towers

Keeping buildings and sophisticated equipment cool requires state of the art technology. Several different industries utilize cooling towers for the sole purpose of regulating temperature of buildings and equipment. There are a few different types of cooling towers that are available on the market. Determine what type of cooling tower is the right solution depends on the application that needs a cooling system. By researching online, a business owner can determine their options of cooling towers that will best meet their needs.

One popular type of system used for cooling equipment is a tower that relies on the evaporation of water. Cooling towers may also use air only instead of water evaporation. A popular setting to see cooling towers is in the oil industry. Oil refineries must regulate equipment and buildings at certain temperatures for safety and manufacturing purposes. It’s important for oil refineries to use cooling towers that are specifically designed for the oil industry. In addition to oil refineries, chemical plants also rely on cooling towers for safety and manufacturing purposes as well. The shape and design of a tower will play a huge role in what type of application they are used for.

Some of the most popular types of cooling towers are circular, but they are also manufactured in rectangular shapes as well. One piece towers are considered durable and last longer than most other types of cooling towers. The hyperboloid design is commonly used for nuclear power plants. Customers have the option of purchasing a cooling tower already prefabricated, but in some cases these cooling systems must be built on site.

There are also hybrid systems that customers can choose from while shopping for cooling towers. Hybrid systems utilize fluid for controlling and maintaining the temperature of sophisticated equipment. Aeration systems rely on natural draft, and some systems produce a draft using mechanical equipment. Fan assisted draft towers are also effective for a variety of applications. It’s highly encouraged to go online and research all the options that are available if you’re shopping for the right type of cooling tower. Reputable manufacturers will advise their customers what type of cooling towers will work best for their particular situation
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