Tips for Choosing a Shower Head


Adjustable showerheads

Choosing a shower head should not be something that takes up an entire day of your time. It should, however, be comprised of some key qualities, elements that you ideally desire in a shower head. By just picking up a common head at your local hardware store and not really caring about how it functions, you most certainly can miss out on some cool applications. Look for specific qualities to get more out of the product you purchase.

First, find a shower head that incorporates new technologies that help manage water flow. Saving on water can help reduce your monthly bills. So even if your showers last longer than the typical shower and you do not wish to take shorter ones, you still can save cash with a high-quality shower head that better controls the flow of water into your shower. It may have smart features that will turn the water down, make it hotter or cooler, and generally regulate itself for maximum operational efficiency.

Second, locate a shower head that has the number of spray settings that you desire. You may only key in on one setting when you find it, but a nice head should allow you to change up the settings. Different people using your shower may have different wishes for how that water comes out. Let everyone benefit by allowing for a mix of spray settings so one can match up with each person’s desires, and so everyone can actually enjoy their showers.

Third, purchase a shower head that is appropriately sized for the space. A large head that takes up too much space in a tiny shower, or a tiny head that looks lost in a larger space, can seem truly out of place. Make sure the proportions fit well both with the fixtures that already exist in your shower and with any necessary equipment or accessories you purchase to go with your head purchase. The head should look nice and fit well within the space.

Fourth, select a shower head that fits in your financial budget. It goes without saying that just as there are wide-ranging prices for other fixtures in a bathroom, so are there wide-ranging prices for heads, and really any other part of a shower. Some are cheap, others are far outside of your affordability range and some are perfect. Find the perfect price for what you wish to achieve with your purchase.

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