How to Rid Your Home of Pesky Pests


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A pest infestation is defined as a plant or animal that can seriously harm your home, your land, or yourself. Dealing with a pest infestation is no small feat, either. Termites and cockroaches, for example, have been around for more than 300 million years; they are pretty resilient, and a do it yourself extermination often can not rid your home of their destruction. In response to this demand, there are nearly 13,000 pest control services in operation today.

Often the costs associated with hiring services such as pest control Hillsboro, pest control beaverton, or pest control milwaukie far outweigh the expense and headache of do it yourself extermination. First and foremost, identifying the pesky pest invading your home may not be so apparent. Did you know the difference between a carpenter bee and honey bee? And did you know what attracts pests? Wasps, for example, feed on other insects, and bees seek out nectar and pollen. A professional pest control Hillsboro or pest control Gresham establishment knows the nuances of these bugs, and subsequently knows where they hide out. (For example, termites leave scent trails, which attracts even more termites, and spiders are mostly solitary although some prefer communal living.)

Last but not least, a pest control Hillsboro service can be far more effective and safe than a do it yourself remedy. Exterminators such as pest control Hillsboro use more potent pesticides that have longer lasting effects. A pest control Hillsboro professional also typically offers a money back guarantee, so if your infestation is not controlled after the initial treatment, the pest control Hillsboro service will readminister treatment until the pests are gone for good!

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