Cracked Window in West Palm Beach?


Glass replacement miami fl

Glass has been in production for thousands of years. Transparent glass was first produced by Romans who wanted to admire the color of their wine. Many residences did not use glass windows for a long time after its discovery. Glass was expensive and not affordable for most of the population. Many homes used greased paper or animal skins for window coverings that would transmit light.

Glass has come a long way since its original uses in wine bottles and decorative windows. Homes feature windows of many sizes and shapes that can be used with new materials that limit heat transfer through the surfaces. If you are in need of windows West Palm Beach, there are many places to turn for home and automotive glass windows miami.

Even the humble windshield has seen many improvements since it was first used. When automobiles were first introduced they did not feature windshields, and motorists used goggles to keep road debris from their eyes. Even after windshields became standard, it took a while before windshield wipers were invented. Mary Anderson, an NYC resident invented the windshield wiper after noticing the poor visibility for streetcar drivers.

These days glass replacement miami fl can install and repair windshield that feature heating elements, UV coatings, tints and radio antennae. Many types of windows West Palm Beach can be repaired without needing to be replaced. Small chips or cracks caused by road debris kicked up by other motorists, can be filled in by special compounds at windows West Palm Beach repair shops. As a general rule, cracks that are no longer than a dollar bill can be filled in with special cured resin compounds. Chips or dings taken out of the windows can also be filled in with these compounds provided they are smaller than a quarter. If your auto windows have been damaged, get the damage examined by windows West Palm Beach professionals to see what can be done to address the problem.

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