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Soaking tub

We all long for that updated, luxurious bathroom. For some of us a renovation in our bathroom is our only wish in house. For others, it is the first wish in a long line of wishes. The important thing to remember is that you can update your bathroom and make it more environmentally conscious, by conserving water using the best rated toilets. Often time, these commercial toilets are water efficient toilets that conserve water. You can also look into installing a jack and jill bathroom, which is accessible from two different doors that each lead to a bedroom. This is great if you have multiple kids.

We have come a long way since we started with indoor plumbing in 1857. This was the plunger closet that came around as the first actual toilet. The industry has taken off ever since and now boasts many different water efficient toilets to choose from. Older toilets usually used 7 gallons per flush. This was reduced to 5.5 gallons by the 1960’s, 3.5 gallons by the 1980’s, and all the way down to 1.6 gallons today. As you can see, toilet technology has come a long way. Water efficient toilets are helping to conserve many gallons of water from being flushed away.

One other type of bathroom upgrade that is heavily in advance in addition to the water efficient toilets are walk in bathtubs. These can open inward or outward and make tub accessibility available to those that have trouble getting in and out of tubs. They can also come in a compact size, which takes up less room than a conventional tub. Next time you are looking into remodeling your bathroom, check out water efficient toilets and walk in bathtubs. Find out more about this topic here.

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