How to Renovate Your Backyard Without Spending an Arm or a Leg


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Are you looking for ways to add visual interest to your backyard this spring, without breaking the bank? Many homeowners are interested in using their backyards more, especially now that the warm weather is here. Why sit inside a bar on a warm night when you can instead relax in your neighbor’s gazebo, watching the sun set and drinking something cold?

Even though the average homeowner spends about $3,500 on landscaping, you can get away with spending a lot less, especially if you’re willing to get down in the dirt and do some of the work yourself. Here are several tips for renovating your backyard without spending an arm and a leg.

Creating a Spot Where Friends Can Linger

Is there a spot in your backyard where people feel comfortable hanging out, or do you just have a simple brick patio where people stand stand and talk until their feet start to get sore? If you don’t have a seating location, it may be easier to create a small oasis than you might think.

  • Not all gazebos are made of wood. A simple gazebo made from cloth and wrought iron can last for many years with proper care, and is a great way to shield occupants from the sun’s harsh rays. Place a table and garden chairs underneath for a relaxing escape.
  • Outdoor fire pits are becoming a very popular way to accessorize outdoor spaces. They can be fairly affordable and allow you to sit with your friends outdoors long after the sun goes down — the fire will warm you while the smoke keeps away the bugs.

Reinvigorating Your Plant Beds

  • Colored mulch is one great way to add color to your plant beds. It’s eye catching and useful as well. Not only does it help to suppress weeds from growing, but colored mulch also helps preserve moisture, allowing you to spend less money watering your plants.
  • Landscaping stones can be used for adding visual texture, as well as color, to your landscape. Unlike mulch, stones can last for many years before requiring replacement. They can also be used to create pathways through your garden.
  • Though pure sand isn’t good for your plants, landscaping sand can be incorporated into soil. Most soil mixtures have some sand in them since this can help to lock moisture in. For areas without plants, pure sand can be an attractive complement.

Do you think a gazebo or colored mulch will help bring life to your landscaping? Let us know in the comments. Find more on this here.

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