How to Make Your Next Shower or Bath Safer


Walk in bathtub

Did you know that 70% of home accidents transpire in the bathroom? Many of these accidents are slip-and-fall mishaps, which are caused by wet floors. Fortunately, in order to help avoid these types of accidents, walk in baths and showers are available. Walk in bath tubs are becoming increasingly popular in the United States, and This Old House even reports that these tubs are one of the top five trends in bathroom makeovers. There are several benefits of walkin bath tubs, as they are a safe and accommodating fixture to obtain.

– What are walk in bath tubs? Walkin bathtubs are designed to make it easier to enter and exit the tub. These types of tubs are equipped with outward-swinging doors, and when the doors are shut, water cannot escape through them. This not only prevents water from pooling on the bathroom floor, but it also makes stepping out of the tub safer, as well. Additionally, most walk in tubs are about the same size as traditional tubs, so you do not have to remodel your entire bathroom to install one.

– The benefits of walk in bath tubs. There are several important reasons to install these types of tubs. Not only are walk in bathtubs perfect for individuals who have mobility issues, such as the elderly and those with disabilities, but some walk in tubs come equipped with hydrotherapy capabilities that help soothe aches and pains, as well. Since walk in baths for elderly individuals are designed to make the bathing experience easier and more luxurious, they are beneficial to obtain.

If you or someone you know is having trouble entering or exiting the tub, a walk in bath tub may be the solution. These types of tubs are equipped with outward-swinging doors that prevent water from leaving them, and this allows individuals to safely and easily get in and out of the tub. By installing a walk in bath tub, your bathroom will become safer to use. Links like this:

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