Five Custom Home Features You’ll Want to Have


Custom home design

If you and your family have been looking at luxury homes for sale, you may want to consider some of the hot features modern luxury homes include these days. Whether you are building a new home that includes a custom home design or revamping your old one, there are a few key characteristics that home owners are opting for these days that add both value, style, and function to their living space.

Why should you customize? Those who customize get a great return of investment later on. Major construction such as a full kitchen remodel (cost: $58,000) or an attic-bedroom conversion (cost: $51,000) will yield a 68 to 72% ROI when the house is eventually sold.

Modern luxury homes with customized features also allow home owners to pick and choose what is important to them. Home buyers often cite energy efficiency, open layout, a warranty, and being able to select aesthetic features as major factors driving their choice.

With new home sales expecting to increase 29% from 431,000 in 2013 to 557,000 this year, you may want to consider buying or building new. Here are a few ideas for custom home interiors to consider.

Color pallet: Modern luxury homes are including neutral colors (grays, whites, etc.) and adding small bursts of bright colors. Try to shy away from the pastel colors, though you can choose to bring a few pastel colors into a room with neutrals. Make sure all of the colors complement each other and are well balanced throughout the room.

Lighting effects: It isn’t all about that dining room chandelier anymore. These days, custom floor plans for homes include what is attached to the ceilings. Modern homes include pod lights that are adjustable, while other homes feature an almost translucent look. Choose from pin lights, wall lamps, up lights, and dimmers to give your home a natural glow.

Patterns and textures: Even though you’ve decided on a color scheme, its all about the textures and patterns that pull those colors together. Many home owners are choosing clean, straight lines these days (think stripes). Of course, solids are also a popular choice while ruffles and lace is not the style today.

Windows: Although artificial light is important, you’ll want great windows to let the natural light in as well. Most home owners are choosing energy saving, green windows to keep the heat in and the cold out. Look for windows with aluminum framings and add mouldings to give your room some character.

Big spaces: Custom floor plans usually include a lot of open space. Don’t close off your home with walls. Instead, make your house seem bigger than it is by tearing down or eliminating walls that aren’t load-bearing. Add high ceilings for extra depth and space to kitchens and living rooms.

Custom home designing should be a great opportunity for you and your family to figure out what is important to you; then let the professionals handle the rest. Continue your research here.

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