How to Find the Right Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Your Home


Outdoor lighting fixtures can completely change the way that a landscape looks. The lighting fixtures themselves can be decorative, so they’ll make a difference during the day when they’re not being used. At night, they can make every part of the landscape more visible.
There are lots of different lawn lighting fixtures available through landscape lighting companies. You may be able to find powered outdoor lights that you like. People frequently get fence landscape lighting fixtures installed.
A fence can support many of these lights. Fences will also frame at least part of the landscape. When a fence has plenty of lights, most of the yard will benefit from those fixtures.
Getting a landscape lighting consultation could help the people who are thinking about adding new lights to their back or front lawns. Some people might want the lighting fixtures to be subtle. Other individuals may be interested in outdoor lights that are more obvious. They might have decided to add more features to their landscapes in general, and the new fixtures could help them update these spaces successfully.
Many landscape lights use energy efficiently. People can create sustainable landscapes that also include lights of all kinds today.

Does your home seem too dark at night? If so, you may be in need of better outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting can help keep your home illuminated, bringing new life to your garden and house. It can also keep you safe: a well-lit home can deter nighttime burglars.

Fortunately, there are plenty of choices when it comes to choosing appropriate outdoor lighting fixtures for your home. Some landscape lighting choices can even save you money on your electricity bill. Wondering where to start with your landscape lighting? Here are some ideas that will inspire you:

    • Create pathway lighting. One of the simplest ways to light your home is to use path lights along your walkways or driveway. Using rows of lights can make these paths safer, and they can provide your home with just the right amount of light in the evening. There are pathway light options that use solar power, too, for extra efficiency.


    • Light your landscape features from above and below. Here’s a unique landscape lighting design that not very many homeowners consider: using up-lighting and down-lighting around your home. Up-lighting comes from the ground or another low area, and is often accomplished with spotlights. Down-lighting often comes from above, such as in a tree. These types of lighting can accentuate various landscape features, and they can be more subtle than shining a floodlight from your home’s exterior.


  • Use energy-saving LED landscape lighting features. Today’s outdoor LED lighting is made to be far more energy efficient than its halogen counterparts. In fact, they are also more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs by as much as eight times. In 2011, LED outdoor lighting made up as much as 16% of all outdoor lights sold — and that number is growing each year as more people become aware of the benefits of LEDs.

Have more questions about landscape lighting? Be sure to speak with a professional landscape lighting designer. He or she can develop a plan for your home that highlights its architecture and best outdoor features. Still have other questions, or want to give a suggestion for homeowners trying to light their landscape features? Leave a comment below. Read more.


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