The Benefits of Living in a Loft


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There’s a reason why the Jefferson family moved on up to the East side. Though home ownership used to be the hallmark of the American dream (don’t forget the Golden Retriever and 2.5 kids), the financial crisis of the mid 2000’s completely redefined that. Goodbye nuclear family, hello modern one.

Following the financial collapse, several Americans lost their jobs due to layoffs, causing them to reevaluate their finances. As such, many home owners lost their homes, unable to afford their mortgage. Though the economy is beginning to show several signs of growth and improvement, many Americans are not so quick to believe it’s truly on the up and up.

So can Americans find comfortable, cost effective living spaces that are reasonably priced and are a good long term investment? Enter luxury apartment rentals. Don’t let the word “luxury” fool you. Luxury can still be budget friendly, and there are several advantages to living in a loft over home ownership.

Apartments and lofts for rent are actually reasonably priced, especially considering all the amenities they have to offer. Where else can you find world-class customer service, round the clock security and onsite maintenance staff, and stylish, sophisticated interiors all for one low, monthly price? Living in a loft beats living in and owning a home in that renters have a clearer picture of their financial responsibilities. While homeowners are obligated to pay taxes in addition to repairs right of their own pockets.

Also city living provides the benefit of easy access to public transportation, making morning commutes environmentally friendly as well as convenient. Driving to the city from the suburbs five or more days a week is costly. Factor in the ever-rising cost of fuel, wear and tear on your vehicle, and the cost car insurance among other responsibilities associated with owning a vehicle, and the dollars quickly begin to add up.

Keep in mind that living in a loft isn’t just something that single 20 and 30 somethings do, they’re great for families too, as they provide spacious interiors, security, and convenient locales. Many families have “downsized” to luxury lofts only to realize that they have all the space they need.

So perhaps it’s time for you to consider renting that deluxe, luxury apartment in the sky? More:

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