The Benefits of Living in a Loft

There’s a reason why the Jefferson family moved on up to the East side. Though home ownership used to be the hallmark of the American dream (don’t forget the Golden Retriever and 2.5 kids), the financial crisis of the mid 2000’s completely redefined that. Goodbye nuclear family, hello modern one. Following the financial collapse, several […]

Debunking Luxury Apartment Living Myths

We’re all familiar with how the Jeffersons moved on up to the East side, in that deluxe apartment in the sky. This premise was controversial at that time, as many people considered the American dream to be owning a house in the suburbs with a pearly-white picket fence, green lawns free of weeds, a well-behaved […]

Making the Best of Your Loft Living Situation

So you’ve finally got a new job in a big city and you’ve set to move in less than two months. City living is fun, but it can be stressful to initially find a place to call home. Living in a loft can provide you with a great living space, as long as you plan […]