How to Save Money on Your Heating Bills This Winter


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As we get into the fall season, we all know what’s coming. Sure we all have holidays and parties to look forward to, but lingering in the seasonal periphery winter is waiting and will shortly bring cold temperatures — and high heating bills. The average American spends something like $700 per year on heating and electricity, and efficient home heating isn’t the only way to bring those costs down. Here are three easy tips to keep in mind to help save you some money.

Bundle Up
This is really obvious but you might be surprised at how well it works. Challenge yourself to see how long you can wait before turning on the heat in your home. This will give you an excuse to wear all of those trendy cable knit sweaters you bought all day long. When you get cold, just add another layer of clothing to bulk up.

Get a Programmable Thermostat
Another really easy way to save money on your heating bills is to get a programmable thermostat. Rather than setting the heat to a certain temperature, you’ll also be able to set it to different temperatures at different times of the day. You might set it to a lower temperature when you’re out of the house for long periods of time during the day like when you’re at work. This can save a homeowner up to 10% on their heating bills.

Have Heating and Cooling Repair Services Take a Look
Before winter actually hits and you’re preparing your home, you should consider making sure that your heating system is clean and in good working order. This will help you avoid a nasty surprise like on an especially cold day when you decide to turn it on, but it doesn’t work. Make sure that you call heating and cooling repair services before it gets really cold to check things out. Home heating systems will also work more efficiently when they’re clean.

Do you have any tips for keeping heating bills down during the winter? Let us know in the comments. Get more info here.

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