3 Ways to Reduce the Costs of Central Air


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In the Northeast, only 44% of houses have central air conditioning. While some of this is attributable to older homes not having the necessary space for internal air ducts, costs are probably on most homeowners’ minds. It’s true that even after initial installation costs, air conditioning repair costs can be high, but there are a few things you can do to moderate these expenses over the years:

  1. Keep Up on Maintenance

    Like most systems, central air requires a certain amount of maintenance. Air conditioning duct cleaning should be performed on a regular basis, and you should plan to change the air filter every couple months. There are some additional upsides to this maintenance, though: better air quality and energy efficiency. Filters can trap allergens, and cleaning out ducts prevents the dispersal of dusty air. And the easier it is for your system to work — not bogged down by everything that gets cleaned out — the less energy it will need to do its job.

  2. Keep Your Temperature Even

    It’s been suggested by many energy experts that keeping a relatively even temperature in your home is more energy efficient than only heating or cooling it to your desired temperature some of the time. While it’s fine to program the thermostat to go up and down a few degrees for when you’re out of the house or sleeping, your system will probably end up using more energy in the long run to make temperature changes of over 10 degrees.

  3. Get Regular Inspections

    It’s important to have an air conditioning repair company come in once in a while for an inspection, even if you don’t think anything is wrong. You should also call a company right away if you notice any change in your system, or if you find yourself constantly opening and closing registers to control the temperature in certain rooms. This is a sign that your system needs attention — and the minor repairs necessary at an early phase will be much cheaper than a broken unit down the road.

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