The 5 Most Common Roofing Problems


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There are many ways to take care of roofing repairs before they get really bad. Preventative maintenance is very important, especially during certain seasons of the year. Some of the types of roofing problems that are most common include:

Fascia – The fascia protects the edge of the roof from outside elements such as leaves, water and other debris. This part of the roof can easily become rotted or soiled.

Soffit – The soffit provides air ventilation to the vents. It draws moisture away from the house and keeps air circulating in the attic. Most soffit issues manifest as holes, cracks or rotting. The soffit will often need to be checked for small animals and insects that may have entered from the outside.

Flashing – The edge of the roofing is often sealed with a component called flashing. Flashing can provide a barrier against anything that may enter inside the home. It acts as a void to stop water from entering into the roofing, which can cause mold and other issues. The material is often made up of aluminum or steel. Flashing can often be found around dormer windows or chimneys.

Gutters- These are the most recognizable part of a roofing system. The gutters are used to keep water and debris away from the home. Fortunately, any issues with the gutters can be easily fixed by the homeowner by simply cleaning them out manually.

Other Roofing Advice

When using a roofing contractor, it is essential that they check for these three things: discolored roof, insulation and roofing material. Many roofing companies will make sure to note if there is any mold on the roof by checking the color and tone. Algae can cause roofing discoloration and is a common problem with material made of asphalt.

Most roofing prices are determined based on the current condition of the roof. When making roofing repairs, a contractor may test the roof for mold and soot build-up. Roofing estimates will be made based upon whether the entire roof needs to be removed and replaced, or if only a certain part of the roofing needs fixing. Some molding issues can be taken care of by simply spraying a mixture of bleach and water on the surface of the roof.
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