3 Ideas for Adding Beauty and Function to Your Living Space With Custom Woodwork


Bar cabinetry

When you think of custom woodwork for a home, you probably think of custom wood kitchen cabinets or custom bathroom vanities first. But there’s a lot more to custom cabinetry than storing dishes and towels. Here are some ideas for incorporating beautiful woodworking and storage into your living space no matter how much space you have:

  1. Custom Fireplaces for Homes

    Custom fireplaces for homes’ living or family rooms add grandeur and warmth simultaneously. A simple mantel can fit nearly any design style, but you can create a more historic feel — and add function — by integrating the fireplace with custom built bookshelves flanking the mantel area. You can also do a full-wall built-in with space for a TV (concealed by sliding doors or artwork), display cases and closed storage for toys and games.

  2. Custom Entryways for Condos

    If you live in a condo or small house, space is probably at a premium. That’s always especially true in these living spaces’ crowded entryways. You can keep everything you need at your fingertips and clean up your foyer’s look by installing a mixture of closed and open cabinetry in custom built-ins. The best custom cabinets can combine any number of compartment types, so you can have shelves for boots and shoes, hooks for backpacks and purses, closed hanging space for coats (vital, especially if you don’t have an existing coat closet), drawers for gloves and last-minute items such as sunscreen, and even specially sized bins for umbrellas.

  3. Custom Bars for Basements

    Installing a built-in bar in your basement can serve many purposes. If you enjoy entertaining, then by all means, plug in the blender and start passing out margaritas. You might also consider a more traditional “bar” look with a mirror, shelves for liquor and a hanging wine rack. But a bar can also incorporate under-counter storage for games and toys, and serves as an excellent buffet table for potlucks and similar events, if you’re not much of a drinker. Consider situating the bar far enough away from the wall that it’s easy for people to walk down both sides, and add a heating element, small sink and microwave for easy snacking and serving.

Do any of these ideas appeal to you? Share your reactions and more design ideas in the comments.

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