Texas Labor Market Continues to Add Jobs in Construction, Mining Sectors

The Texas workforce continued its healthy year of growth at the end of 2014, with the economy creating a seasonally-adjusted 457,900 nonfarm jobs over the course of the year, making December the fifth month in a row of record-breaking job growth. The state’s unemployment rate now sits at 4.6%, down from 4.9% in November and […]

You’ll Never Guess How Much of Earth’s Water We Can’t Use

Did you know that more than 70% of the earth is water? Between vast oceans, large seas, big rivers and tiny creeks, water makes up a large majority of the earth’s surface. However, this may give the idea that water is abundant. This is not the case at all. The reality is that we can […]

Where to Use Vinyl Flooring

Are you looking at replacing some or all of your flooring with various luxury vinyl floor options in the near future? Have you been inspired by stunning bedroom vinyl flooring pictures and want to know how to get that look in your own home? Finding the best cheap vinyl flooring and getting the best installation […]

Shocking Truths about Buying New Bathroom Fixtures

Anyone who is thinking of beginning a remodeling project to redo their bathroom knows how much work it is. If you’re planning on doing such a project soon or have already begun and you need a break, keep reading to learn some myths and facts about remodeling your bathroom. Myth #1: Modern toilets cost more […]

Miners Embrace Solar Technology

A surprising new customer has entered the solar renewable energy market: mines. Around the world, various mining companies are turning to wind and solar energy technology to provide power to their operations. A 15-megawatt solar facility powers about 5% of the operations at Freeport-McMorRan’s Bagdad copper and molybdenum open pit mine per an agreement with […]

Ducted vs Ductless HVAC Systems What Should You Choose?

Air and water air conditioning systems have changed drastically over the years. Do your homework before shopping for an AC ventilation system and HVAC services. Working with well-trained air conditioner service providers guarantees top-notch delivery of services such as installation and AC repair jobs when needed. Some air conditioners do more than the cooling of […]

Cleaning Travertine Vs Cleaning Terrazzo

When it comes to flooring, travertine and terrazzo are both great options. But though both share similar origins, their makeup is very different, and care for each flooring type is even more different. Terrazzo is a composite material composed of chips of different materials like quartz, marble and granite poured or precast into a tile. […]

The War of Wool Versus Wood How To Pick A Floor

“The date was going great until we headed back to his place to grab a blanket for a picnic in the park. I shoved my foot in the door – literally – only to want it immediately out. He had ________ floors!” said one woman on a popular dating site. You may not know it, […]

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