Three Types of Commercial Roofing Scams


Professional commercial roofing services can help their clients with both commercial flat roof replacement and commercial flat roof construction. They can make sure that their clients are familiar with the available range of different commercial metal roof types and commercial flat roof types. There are multiple effective roofing coatings and systems.

Some commercial roofing systems are made using layers of asphalt. While asphalt is already a relatively durable product, adding materials like fiberglass can help the asphalt roofing systems last even longer. When roofing systems like these have more than one layer, they might last for 25 years. When these asphalt roofing systems are made using one layer, they can still usually be functional for 16 years with no problems.

It’s common for professionals to get roof coatings added to their commercial flat roofing systems now. The flat roofs that have these coatings might last for an additional decade. If the flat roof already has some emerging issues, roof coatings might solve at least some of them. A flat roof that has effective coatings might not need to be professionally replaced. These coatings are often resistant to ultraviolet radiation, which will help to preserve the flat roof once the coating has been added.

Updated 3/15/2021

Many commercial roofs are specifically flat roofs. Customers can choose plenty of different commercial building flat roof types, which helps to demonstrate just how common these sorts of roofs are. Commercial flat roof construction is popular because it’s a particularly cost-effective choice for businesses. The commercial roofing professionals can create high-quality roofs, and they won’t need to use substantial quantities of building material in the process.

Commercial metallic roofs are common, and commercial asphalt shingles are also available. The best commercial roofing company can help customers install the exact commercial roofs that they want.
Concrete roofs will typically last longer than many other roofs. However, it’s certainly possible to construct high-quality roofs using other materials. For instance, a building can have the same metallic roof for twenty years, and the owners of the building still might not need to get the roof repaired at that point. These metallic roofs are not going to start looking noticeably cracked, which can be an issue with plenty of roofs made using other popular materials.

Businesses can decide on the exact commercial roofs that they want. Experienced commercial roofing professionals can also offer recommendations, making it easier for their customers to make decisions effectively.

The spring season is a time that many people start thinking about making repairs to their businesses, especially when it comes to the roof. Harsh winter weather can do damage to roofs, or at least expose the need for it because the excess water from snow and ice melt can reveal leaks and weak spots in the roof. One of the most important things a business owner needs to consider when looking for commercial roofing contractors is that roof repair is a common method of scamming. There are about 50,000 roofing repair companies in the U.S. Here are a few red flags that could indicate which of them are roofing scams.

1. Asking for payment upfront.
One red flag that a company might just be a scam is if they ask for payment upfront, before any work is actually completed. Never pay a contractor before any work is completed because in most cases, you’ll never hear from the company again after payment. Legitimate and professional companies will wait until the job is finished before requiring payment for services.

2. Cold Calls.
Another indicator that a commercial roofing company may be a scam is if they come to your business cold calling. Professional companies don’t do this — they wait for the business to come to them. Roofs generally last a long time, especially commercial roofs which are usually made from materials like asphalt which only needs reroofing once about every 20 years. If someone comes to your business and tries to tell you your roof needs repair, don’t hire them.

3. Storm Chasers.
One type of cold calling scam is a storm chaser. This scammer will show up after a storm and insist that you need roof repair for one or more reasons. They may start asking you about your insurance policy. These people are usually just looking for people to scam and won’t do any of the repairs — if they’re actually even needed.

Have you ever been involved in a commercial roof repair scam? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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